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Welcme n smiley page!!!
You are on the page with largest and unique collection of smiley gif images. I didn't create them, they are from another gif libraries. But look forward for my own images!!!

Hw t dwnlad smileys?

       Please do not link to these images.  To download any of the following on your PC, simply position your cursor over the image, click your right mouse button, then select "Save Image as ..." from the pull down menu!

This site cntains

smiley images, but it is frequently updated.

smiley of the month

smiley news:

November 8, 1998: Left frame didn't work clearly for two days, but I fixed it. Uploaded all 11 pages, the site now contains 87 images. I erased the "all page"! Now, if you want them all in zip file, write me on my address.

November 11, 1998: I finished 12!!! new pages with 90 smileys!!! :-))) Also I created new pages "about me" and "truth about smileys". The site now contains 177 smiley faces!!! Unbelievable!!!

Have fun with smileys!!! :-)

Last update: Nvember 11 1998

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